How to order a painting and prices







  When you contact me, please describe the  type of painting you require, the medium  (see below) and the  finished size.

I work from photographs, either your own or if  you live close enough, I can take the photos. They need to be high resolution and with good lighting. For pets , the eyes especially need to be clear.

If you have a lovely photo of a pose you like but it is not clear, don't worry. Add one that is clear even if the pose or lighting are wrong. The more I have to work from, the better.  You can email them or send them by post.

I will contact you to discuss exactly what you want.

Once the work is started I will keep you updated with photos as it progresses. Bear in mind early photos  may look very unlike the finished version


  A 20% non returnable  deposit is required on ordering

Watercolours:- 14" x 10"   £90 for one subject, either full body or head

                         16"x 12" £120 for one subject, either full body or head.

Pencil      :- 14" x 10" £120 on Bristol Board, a strong thick paper specifically for pencil work

                      Please allow more time for pencil works. they are highly detailed and take much longer.

Extra animals or people £20 each.

Highly detailed backgrounds are extra. 

Sizes are of painting area; mounts approx 2" extra all round.

Watercolours will be mounted to suit the picture tones but not framed.

I regret that I no longer do acrylic paintings on canvas.

If  you do not like the finished painting, no further payment is required and I reserve the right to sell or display  it elsewhere.

I reserve the right to use pictures of all paintings on my website or for advertising.

Paintings for sale

Many of the paintings on this site are for sale at reduced prices. Please contact me for details.